Making business
run smoothly.

We are committed to building
partnerships and developing services.


Founded in 2016, Aervio is created by a team of technology, business and travel experts working together to find smart solutions to manage business travel.

In an industry that is ever changing and with client needs becoming more diverse there is a growing disparity between organizations and travel agencies. We see an opportunity not only to bridge these gaps and build a dependable service, but to take travel services to the next level.


By developing our platform from the ground up and partnering with advanced technology innovators we have created a foundation from which we can develop a flexible and multifaceted business, continuously growing with industry trends and adapting to client needs.

We aim to provide a tailored service based on each organisation’s individual specifications.


We have collaborated with business consultants, industry professionals, corporate investors and technology innovators to catalyze our vision, grow our business, with the aim to position ourselves as industry leaders in travel services.


Whilst technology plays a large part of our operations, our people play an even larger role.

Our highly experienced travel consultants are equipped and empowered to serve our clients with the highest priority and with their best interests at heart. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of service in the travel industry.